New InBetween Release 4.5 SR1 is available!

The new release of our Dynamic Publishing Software – InBetween 4.5 SR1 – is officially available.

With the template editor for the DTP-Client you can very easily create dynamic tables in InDesign or double-page templates right from the start. Additionally, you can define your own updating groups or retrieve individual data elements much faster and easier with the Smart Search function.

There are also new features for the Publication Wizard: fully customizable, it can now be adjusted to your own corporate design if you want. Individual pages can be converted into InDesign, adjusted or extended with the DTP Client before reintegrating them into your overall publication planning in the Publication Wizard. From the new version 4.5, the Publisher, our web client for the fully automated creation of publications also allows you updates via the web, for instance to replace texts with a different language version or to bring your prices up to date.

The option of a partial project import, e.g. of only templates and styles from a project, further table functions for both vertical and horizontal connections, a completely independent installer, enhanced security features and support for the latest versions of InDesign CC 2019 and QuarkXpress 2018, Windows Version 10 as well as Mac OS 13 round off the new version InBetween 4.5 SR1.

4.5 SR1

New functions

Dynamic tables made easy

Creating new templates or modifying existing ones or re-using frames and styles etc. from existing InDesign documents for the creation of InBetween templates, you alre already with familiar with all these options. What is new with the version 4.5 is that you can now just as easily integrate dynamic tables in your product templates. You simply create a new table and assign a data query as you would do with other elements. Depending on whether data für a specific attribute is available or not, the table will build up independently – sometimes with more, sometimes with fewer columns and rows. Even the content and headers will adjust automatically to the available data per product.

Updating templates created in InDesign

Whenever you create new templates in InDesign with the new version 4.5 you can also determine, which content you would like to update later on. To do this, you simply create different ‘updating groups’ such as price, descriptive text etc. Whenever the data in your data source changes, you can very easily bring your documents created with the InBetween DTP client or Publication Wizard up to date. What is more, you will always be able to compare the value in the document with the new value in your data source. This will make your decision easier, whether you really want to update one point or another. In this way, even language updates can be carried out more easily.

The new independent installer

Installing a new software version or upgrading from a single-user license to a server with additional modules for additional staff, the new installer does not need you to do this. Instead you can go and have a coffee break, attend a meeting or, for once, quite simply finish work on time.

We have optimized the installer in such a way that it will manage on its own. However, it will nonetheless document everything it does very neatly in a log file - just in case you would like to know later on, what’s been going on while you were away.

Publication Wizard according to your taste

Our web-based publication tool for the rapid creation of publications in a team environment and based upon pre-defined page layouts in combination with flow layout pages can be fully adapted to our ideas and needs. You can flexibly adapt and change colors, logos, fonts and all other elements of your corporate look and feel.

Templates for double pages

For many publications, for instance in the case of brochures, we think in terms of double pages right from the start. In order to make planning easier for you, we have now also included InBetween templates for double pages. This will, of course, also allow you to plan tables that cover two pages, and you can also determine whether you would like to start with a left or a right page.

An optimum level of security

Your product data is your most precious asset, and therefore only the best protection is good enough. For InBetween this means that we have put all practical use cases to the acid test. With the current version we have not only access from agencies to the server extra safe but can also guarantee secure access of service providers to the server within the company, for instance in order to carry out project configurations.