InBetween Dynamic Publishing solves your problems.

With a semi or fully automated creation of your publications you are killing several birds with one stone - thanks to InBetween:

While you significantly reduce both costs and effort for manually created documents and reduce the error rate close to zero by connecting to the data source, you will finally have the time and resources at your disposal to tackle the truly important tasks: developing new innovative marketing ideas, creating campaigns, or conquering new markets.

The faster you are able to introduce new products in new markets with a complete media mix, adjust prices and the product range, the faster you can expect additional sales. 

Extremely flexible degree of automation

As highly automated as necessary, yet as creative as possible.

Being able to create spontaneously, creatively, and quickly brochures in the familiar InDesign or QuarkXpress environment while accessing current product data with predefined templates: We will take the automation only as far as you wish. From using simple template sets for products based on your data source, combined with many creative pages, all the way to fully automated price lists, already generated in a PDF ready for printing, all scenarios are possible with InBetween.

At the same time, you are taking advantage of a highly professional database publishing solution: With our updating feature, you can not only keep your prices, texts or product data aligned with your  data source at short notice and without losing your final design adjustments, but you can just as  easily create new language versions, as soon as they become available.  

Web-based tools facilitate team collaboration

With the InBetween Publisher and the InBetween Publication Wizard we have put two easy to use web-based tools at your disposal which allow you to involve different locations, branch offices or departments as well as external agencies in your creation process. Consequently, there’s no need to change your processes at all, they just become more efficient.

Creation of templates made easy

In addition to the InBetween Project editor, used to create entire projects and to connect your data, you can just as well create InBetween templates for a semi or fully automated creation of your publications in the familiar InDesign or QuarkXpress environment, make changes to templates or even assign your data. Conveniently, these new templates can also be used for any other output formats.

One template – many possible output formats

InBetween is a lot more than a simple DTP plug-in, it is a totally format neutral publishing system. Once a template has been created and designed in InBetween you can easily use it without any further adjustments for a large number of different output formats: Whether you would like to use your product templates in HTML5 for the realization of a website, generate a publication as an electronic flipping book, reuse sales presentation in powerpoint, edit quotations in word, or add further calculation formulas to price lists in Excel – all this is possible. The advantages are clear considering that over 50% of project costs per output medium are related to template creation.

Publishing in many different languages

Several intelligent functions in InBetween provide the basis for multilingual publishing. With the function ‚updating of DTP documents‘, for instance, it is possible to update manually finished documents with the most up-to-date data, which can also be a different language version.
If you work with data sources that contain several language variants, you can simply control the output via language parameters: Just use the language selector for choosing your current language. It is also possible to assign language variants on various levels in your document via a generation loop. An intelligent set of rules guarantees that the layout of individual language levels is identical for the entire publication. And the best: for each text frame InBetween automatically uses the longest text as a measure for the frame height.

Complex tables without programming skills

Since it is possible to use the InBetween project editor entirely via a graphical user interface, no programming skills or scripting are required whenever things get a bit more complicated. For table presentations within a publication the number of columns and rows is dynamically linked to the available data. The size of individual columns and rows can automatically adapt itself depending on the space required for the data. No matter whether you would like to link data fields, add intermediate lines, or turn tables around, even if you would like to include challenging cross-tables in your descriptions, all of this can be done simply by using format switches. If you wish, completely without making use of an external service provider. InBetween regularly offers standard as well as customized trainings to prepare you for the tasks ahead.


InBetween is a real standard software. For you this means that you will regularly receive enhanced and improved software versions as part of your maintenance contract and can rest assured that any new functions and modules will also be maintained in the future. We will not only keep you regularly informed about all new features and release dates, but will offer you a number of ways for participating in the future development of our software and for contributing your requirements and suggestions. Because the further development of a software is as important as the solution you are buying today.