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Akeneo – The Next Generation PIM is a young, fast growing company based in Nantes, Düsseldorf and Boston, providing a PIM (Product Information Management) made to drastically simplify catalog management processes. The intuitive enterprise software, leader on the open source PIM market, helps merchants to centralize, harmonize and translate their product data. Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM) system is clearly designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. The basic idea is: products are the most valuable assets in a company. Nonetheless, many companies still lack a tool that allows them to manage and leverage their crucial asset. Both distributors and manufacturers require such a tool for their marketing purposes which should still be flexible enough to be integrated with any third-party application. With Akeneo they have exactly the right tool at hand, allowing marketing to organize product information centrally, and store and publish it in various channels.

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