Successful Projects through reliable service

InBetween offers a whole range of services for automated publishing. From initial consultation regarding your publishing processes all the way to go-live – our consultants will be available for you at any time, also on site.

Please contact us, if you require support for any of the following topics:


Consulting services for your publication processes

We will examine your current processes of creating publications and will make appropriate recommendations on how to improve your publication processes for automated publishing.


Support und production support

Our support team will be available for any questions you might have at any time and will assist you with any problems that may arise.

Evaluation of data sources

We will have a close look at your existing data sources and check them for suitability in connection with an automated publishing process. As a result, we will give recommendations on how to develop your data landscape, e.g. by introducing of a Product Information Management system.

Data structure analysis

We will provide support for the implementation and optimization of your data structure to guarantee a highly performant automatization process, and we will make sure all required data elements are available in a timely way.

Installation and implementation

On request, we will take care of the deployment of the InBetween software in your IT infrastructure and will provide support for implementation, the connection to third-party systems as well as the initial operation.


Training and coaching

We want to make sure you are fully capable of making best use of our software in your daily work. We therefore offer a large variety of standardized trainings for beginners, advanced users as well as experts. Alternatively, you can negotiate a specifically tailored training package with us.

Publication and layout analysis

We will check your existing and planned publications and give recommendations on the best degree of automatization, and will advise on a suitable creation process for achieving greater optimization potential. At the same time we will define requirements relative to you data source and data structure in order to achieve a sufficiently high degree of automation while making sure your layout is maintained.


Project support and project management

We would be happy to assist you during implementation and the setup phase of your publication projects. Thanks to our professional project management methods we can guarantee the success of your project. Our standardized process model provides an ideal framework for your publishing projects.


Setup of publication projects and creation of templates

We will be happy to assist you with the setup of your first InBetween publication projects and all data queries in line with your requirements. To this end we will create the necessary data queries, templates and rules for an automated generation of your publications. Once the first setup has been completed, we will, of course, hand over all data files pertaining to the project to make sure you are able to make your own adaptations and changes at a later time.

Support requests will be charged to a rate of EUR 35,- per quarter of an hour or part there of.

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